The Purpose of Confirmation

Just what is the purpose of confirmation? The word "confirm" means "to support or establish the certainty or validity of; to make firmer; to strengthen." The King James translation uses the word to describe what Paul did at the conclusion of his first missionary journey: "confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith" (Acts 14:22). This is the basic purpose of confirmation: to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior.

It is important to emphasize that confirmation does not make one a member of the church. Baptism incorporates a person into the church, the body of Christ. "We were all baptized by one Spirit into one body--whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free--and we were all given the one Spirit to drink" (1 Corinthians 12:13). Those being confirmed are already members of the church.

The process of confirming takes place during the many hours of instruction which precede the rite called confirmation. Among the goals of this instruction is to help young Christians distinguish between the law and the gospel and to prepare them to receive communion for the first time.

Confirming is the work of the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, which is the basis of the instruction. The rite itself gives public recognition that these Christians have completed a course of study in God's Word and are prepared to receive the sacrament.

Class Times

Every Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm (September - May).
There will be no class on days when there is no school.  (Including snow days)

Items Needed

Each student will need their own Catechism, NIV Bible, notebook, and something to write with.

Confirmation Dates

May 4, 2019 – Examination in Church
May 5, 2019 – Confirmation
May 5, 2019 – First Communion


Each week there will be memory work. 

  • Memory work will consist of something from Luther’s Small Catechism and a Bible passage or two.
  • Memory work is not optional.  Most of memory work will be practiced during class but I expect that memory work will be practiced at home (This is where I need your help).

Each week there will be a worksheet.

  • Work sheets are designed to get the students looking into the Bible to find answers.

Worship Summaries

  • Students will be required to fill out a worship summary sheet.  The purpose is to show them how their training and instruction in God’s Word continues on Sunday now and for the rest of their life.
  • The sermon Summaries will also lead the confirmands to see that what they are being taught in Confirmation class is also being taught in our worship services.
  • Twice a month the confirmation students will be expected to prepare a sermon summary sheet.  Sheets will be provided during our regular class hour.

All students will be expected to faithfully attend Confirmation class.

  • There is a lot of information that the students need to learn for Confirmation and our time together helps prepare students for confirmation.
  • If you are going to miss a class please call me or the church office and let me know.