A Knight Out Contacts
Last updated on January 12, 2019 at 11:27:27 AM
A Knight Out Contacts

Have Questions? Here’s the A Knight Out Planning Team

General event questions can be directed to:    
Kelly Quinn, Event Chairperson 920-216-4106 kkquinn@tds.net
Eric Schramm, Administration 920-202-0514 eric.schramm@gmail.com
Kristin Fett, Event Production 920-419-2292 fettfarm5@gmail.com
Sponsorship questions can be directed to:    
Alisa Mielke 920-427-1996 jdakmielke@gmail.com
Auction donation questions can be directed to:    
Rita Braun 920-479-5932 trbraun1@gmail.com
Deb Kienert 920-460-1818 sdkienert@att.net
Ticket sales questions can be directed to:    
Tammy Huza 920-716-0295 tammy.huza@outlook.com
Want to help out? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:    
Jamie Palau 920-428-4485 palau@new.rr.com