The Trinitarian
“In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the LORD. And Abel also brought an offering – fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor.” Genesis 4:2b-5b
Since the time God first planted man on the planet, humans have been engaged in the worship of their creator. First by command, as the LORD instructed Adam and Eve not to eat from the fruit of the tree in the garden and to be fruitful and multiply. To do the right things and not do the wrong things have always been part of true worship of God as we live our daily lives in thanks to him.
But formal worship, bringing a portion of self in some way to our Savior God has also been one of the ways in which we worship. Without apparent command, Cain and Abel brought gifts to the LORD from the labors of their hands. Abel’s gift, a portion of the best of his flocks, was a beautiful offering to the LROD. It represented Abel’s trust in God’s provision going forward, and a truly thankful action toward the one who had allowed Abel’s able husbandry. Cain’s gift, however, represented a hallow heart. One that withheld from God because of a selfish recognition of Cain, instead of God, as number one. Worship is, therefore, first and foremost, a heartfelt expression of thanks and praise to the God who made and saved us for eternity.
During our worship in the month of September we will be exploring the ways in which we worship as a congregation. We will ask and answer the questions: why we gather at all, why we worship as we do, whether other forms of worship are appropriate, what we hope to gain and what we strive to give in worship. Our prayer is that as we deepen our understanding of the parts of corporate worship, the why and the how of worship, that our hearts will be even more engaged in the gathering of ourselves together in the presence of our God. Who wouldn’t want to get more out of worship and give more of self in worship?
Our encouragement is to make every effort to attend these services, engage in the purpose and meaning being expressed, and invite someone you know who doesn’t ordinarily attend to come along with you. Imagine a church full of believers learning, growing, and moving forward together in understanding and growth of faith even as we then part company and go into our separate vocations for our day to day living.
The weekend of September 15, Purposeful Worship – Why we worship.
The weekend of September 22, Intentional Worship – How we do (liturgical) worship.
The weekend of September 29, Sanctified Worship – Living our Faith
May the Lord bless us to have hearts like Abel that longs to live for, and worship, him who IS, with all that we are.
Pastor M

Many of you have likely noticed a growing trend during communion services at Trinity. Due to the difficulty some may have in coming all the way up to the communion rail, or even to the pew in front of the pulpit to receive communion, the pastors have been cruising around the sanctuary trying to make certain that those wanting to take communion are not passed over.
To facilitate a more worshipful and orderly practice, the Trustees have accepted and passed into practice a recommendation by the pastors that we call deacons with the express purpose of helping with communion. Scriptural in doctrine and practical in its purpose, the function of the deacons would be to receive consecrated elements from the pastors at the altar at the beginning of the Sacramental portion of the worship and then they would move about the sanctuary to offer communion to those who are unable to come forward during distribution. This would take place on Sunday mornings only for the time being.
The practice would then be that we still request those who are able to make it to the front pew on the pulpit side to come forward for the deacon to offer you the consecrated elements there. After serving those in the front pew, the deacon would then move about the sanctuary looking for those who raise a bulletin to then offer them communion. Please do make every effort to position yourself on an aisle to ease the task of the deacon in both identifying who needs to be served and in allowing them access to you. If you are accidentally missed during the distribution, please notify an usher after the service and either a pastor or deacon will meet you in the chapel to receive communion there.
The intention is to begin this practice the first Sunday in September. Announcements will continue in the bulletin and Trinitarian until the practice takes hold. If you have questions about the validity of the practice or the logistics, please talk to one of the pastors. Prayerfully this practice will add to the worshipful and orderly distribution of the sacrament among us.
There will be no Monday evening worship service on September 2nd. Our Sunday morning worship service will continue at 9:00 am this fall with the Sunday School and Bible Study kickoff on September 8th at 10:15am.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and serve for our church picnic on August 18th. It was a blessing to gather together with our neighbors and musical guests. If you missed the picnic and concert but would like to hear some of the excellent praise music of Branches Band please visit their website at
Our Thursday morning Bible class will begin on September 5th at 8:30 am in the church fellowship hall. The first topic of discussion led by Pastor Engelbrecht is a Bible perspective on the push to legalize marijuana in our country titled “Is Our Country Going To Pot?”
The first weekend after Labor Day we are going to Kick off our Sunday School program here at Trinity! After worship each Sunday we offer Sunday School for ages 3-6th grade and Bible Study for all adults. Both of these are perfect opportunities to make Sunday the perfect time to worship our Lord and to grow deeper in his life-giving Word. 
To kick off our normal schedule, we will have a special session where both the kids and the adults will together look at what the Bible says about how important it is to never stop learning and studying God's Word to us! After our kickoff study and games, we will have a pancake breakfast provided for all who stay to eat with us! 
Plan to join us, Sunday, Sept. 8, for worship at 9, kickoff study and games at 10:15, and potluck meal at 11! You are invited to grow in the grace of your Savior with us!
Trinity congregation spreads the message of Jesus’ love to the children of the church and the community through our Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs. This year, our Sunday School program was designed to serve as a yearlong VBS program. The theme for this year is “Christ’s Crusaders”.  In Ephesians 6:11, we are encouraged to “put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”
Sunday School is a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about the tools God gives them to serve him, spread his love, and stop evil. Children are taught Bible lessons, learn Bible passages from memory, work with crafts designed to reinforce a Bible lesson, and sing songs in preparation for worship service singing and for their own special Christmas Service. Children from the age of 3 years through grade six are included in these programs.
Parents are invited to join the first Sunday of each month for Family Day. A new theme will be introduced each month and after the children are dismissed, parents are invited to stay for bible study and fellowship.  
Sunday School classes are conducted Sunday mornings from early September through mid-May. The material used for these courses is from the Christ-Light series from Northwestern Publishing House.
These classes are taught by volunteers from the congregation who love children and desire to spread God’s message of love in Jesus to them. These teachers are assisted by young men and women of high school or upper middle school age. These young assistants may someday be the teachers and pastors of our congregations.
If you are interested in sending your child/children to Sunday School, there is no need for registration. Just bring your child to the school a few minutes early so we can assist you in locating the appropriate classroom. Classes meet from 10:15 a.m. each Sunday morning during the school year.
Please call our church office at 920.722.6712 if you would like more information regarding our Sunday School program. Enrollment is free.
For schedules and more information, visit the Sunday School page on our church website (

Pastor McKenzie is presenting a marriage retreat on September 27 - 29, 2019 at St. Brendan’s Inn (Green Bay). Space is limited so couples are encouraged to register soon by calling the church office at 722-6712. More information on the retreat including costs and itinerary can be found at A sign-up sheet is located on the coffee bar in the narthex.
Join us for Bible Study on Wednesday evenings during September. The topic for our study will be "The book of Jonah - God's Grace to Runaways". We will meet from 7:15pm-8:15pm in the atrium at Trinity School. 
Please consider joining the choir. Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:00 p.m. All Trinity members, high school age or older, are encouraged to join. Singing with the choir offers an uplifting time of fellowship and gives you the chance to use your talents to glorify the Lord. If you are unable to commit to a full year of choir, please consider the Ladies Choir (November 17), Men’s Choir (December 9) and Adult Handbell Choir (October 6). These choirs have limited practices (usually 2 or 3 weeks). Please contact Christy Feuerstahler with questions.
Ladies Aid is hosting a luncheon on September 4th at 12:00 (noon) in the fellowship hall. All Trinity Ladies are invited to attend.
Christian Women’s Circle will meet on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00 pm in the church fellowship for a potluck dinner. All women from the congregation are invited. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass. Hot sandwiches will be provided. Many important issues will be discussed and decided upon so every member’s attendance is appreciated.
The dartball league is organizing for the 2019 –2020 season. The league is made up of area WELS churches. Games are played on Thursday evenings. Join us for fun and fellowship. Interested, see Sam Ducharme for more details.
Trinity member, Kathrine Peterson, is looking for childcare assistance for boys ages 14 months and 2 months in her home near Neenah High School on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Contact Kathrine at 414-315-5572 if interested.

 Information on “GriefShare”, a program intended to bring Christ-centered relief for those mourning the loss of a loved one, can be found on the back table in the narthex. The next session will begin on Wednesday, September 4th at Immanuel Lutheran in Oshkosh.
Our Parade of Lights float won 3rd place this year! The judges positively commented on our groups commitment and enthusiasm during the parade. Thank you to everyone who worked on the float and represented our church and school in the parade!

Located in your church mailbox is information regarding the Martin Luther College Equipping Christian Witnesses Anniversary Campaign. The three pillars of this campaign are Student Recruitment, Student Financial Aid & Student Facilities.  To contribute or to find out more please visit their website at
The Trinity and Martin Luther congregations are considering an early childhood center as part of unifying our schools for next year. Look for an online survey in your email soon if you have children ages 0-6.
Heading to college can be exciting, stressful, and everything in between. WELS Campus Ministry can help! Let us help you stay connected to God’s Word. To begin go to and click the button “College students register here.” You can register for free subscriptions to Forward in Christ magazine and Meditations devotional booklets and will be connected to the campus pastor for your school. Students who have previously registered for WELS Campus Ministry are encouraged to check your profile and preferences and make any necessary updates. For questions please contact Ginny Mundstock at the WELS Campus Ministry office, or 414-256-3279.
The Lutheran Convention for Seniors, sponsored by the OWLS, will be held at the Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in the fall setting of the rolling hills of the Galena, Illinois area. Galena was a 19th century center for mining lead and zinc—October 6-9, 2019, seniors from across the WELS will come to mine for treasures in Jesus.
The convention is open to any WELS and ELS member who is 55 or over, retired or not, whether a member of OWLS or not. It’s an excellent chance for members of local seniors ministries to get a larger perspective on ministry by seniors and for seniors. With plenty of time to make new friends and connect with friends from the past, the Galena Convention promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity for seniors. Registration forms are located in the narthex.

Please consider helping a family in need by providing something from the list below. Monetary donations are also accepted. Checks should be made payable to Apple Valley Food Pantry and placed in the designated box located in the back of the narthex.
Items needed for the month of September: Shampoo & conditioner, all canned meats such as salmon & Spam, jam/jelly, canned fruits, all crackers, cake mix & frostings and cookies. Baby items, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items are always being collected for the Hope Center.
The food pantry is not accepting brown bags at this time because they have a large surplus of them. Thank you! Please save your Meditations and Forward in Christ for the Food Pantry. You can place your used devotionals in the food pantry boxes.
  • Marcella Mattek | August 13, 2019
  • Tim, Julie, Raegan & Jack Bertram | July 20, 2019
  • Melissa Gidlof & Robert Augeson | August 10, 2019
  • Kayna Joy & Thea Leone, Daughters of Judge & Stephanie Finley | August 11, 2019
  • Adam Stevens to Beautiful Savior, Grove City, OH | July 31, 2019
  • Lisa & Isabelle Laluzerne to Riverview, Appleton | July 24, 2019
Trinity Families,

Wow, did the summer go by fast! Was it because of how busy you were? Or did you have so much fun that it flew right by? No matter how you feel, we are back in session! Now is the time for students to get back into the routine of everything that goes on at school. As we begin the school year and possibly our schedules fill up even more with homework, practices, and games, let’s not forget the one thing that is needful—Jesus. We have so many opportunities to be nourished by God’s Word! Besides the Word of God subjects that are taught on a daily basis, prayers said throughout the day, chapel once a week, devotions daily in the classrooms, please spend time as a family around His word. Evening devotions are a wonderful foundation for your family. Trinity has many worship opportunities over the weekend to fit anyone’s schedule. And let’s not forget about Sunday School and Adult Bible Class! I pray that each family sits down and makes God’s Word a priority in their lives.
Tyler Weinrich, Principal

Mornings with Mommy is a fun and easy way for you to enjoy activities with your children and meet adults. (Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and nannies are welcome, too! It's not just for Moms). There will be age appropriate activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We meet twice a month from 8:30 - 9:30 am in our own Mornings with Mommy space at Trinity Lutheran School. Each session has its own theme, but the basic structure will be consistent. We will begin with stories, rhymes, and songs on the big rug. After that we will explain the different learning stations set up in the room. These stations will include arts, crafts, sensory activities, gross motor and fine motor skills, and an infant area. Then you will explore these activities with your child at your own pace. Sessions end with a Bible story and snack.
September 11th: Raccoons, s'mores, and camping
September 25th: Things that go!
October 9th: At the farm! 
October 23rd: Fall Fun: Pumpkins and leaves
November 6th: Music and instruments
November 20th: Harvest time: apples, corn and gourds
December 11th: Happy birthday, Jesus party!


Mornings with Mommy is an in-reach and outreach tool for our congregation. We're bringing people together and sharing God's love through the educational experiences we provide. We need your support to help this ministry opportunity thrive. Do you shop on Amazon? Check out what we need in order to run this program! Click on our 
Amazon Wish List: Mornings with Mommy Neenah and the purchases will ship directly to school for our sessions. Could you volunteer? We'd love to connect our church members with this ministry. Openings each month include set-up, sign-in, learning centers, and clean-up.  Please keep this new ministry in your prayers. Contact Jackie Paustian at 414-467-5019 if you'd like to get involved.

FVL’s 2nd Annual Giving Day is Tues., 9/17. The goal is to raise needed support for the Let the Children Come mortgage payment due at the end of October. The annual payment amount is $475K and the FVL Federation currently needs to raise another $250K to meet that responsibility. Gifts can be given online, through the mail, or in person. Your gift is needed and appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible.
FVL Theatre needs a volunteer costume designer for its 2019-20 season. Knowledge of clothing design and sewing is a must. We need someone organized and reliable who communicates well with teens and adults. Will work with directors to create costumes appropriate for Cheaper by the Dozen in October and Fiddler on the Roof in March. Email Sharon Mundt ( to apply.
How much “screen time” is healthy for your child . . . or for you? Screenagers is the topic of our FVL Schools Community Parents Night on Weds., 9/25 at 6:30 PM. This video-based presentation will help parents wrestle with this tough question and consider strategies to better balance your child’s “screen time.” Two sessions are being offered. FVL will be hosting the 9/25 event -- free child care is available for children ages 4 & up. For Green Bay area families, another showing will be taking place at St. Paul Lutheran School on Tues., 10/1 at 6:30 PM on their campus. More info at

August 2019
  • The 2019-20 school year begins soon! Interim Principal Alan Nolte will greet students at the orientation days on August 19-20. The first day of school is August 21. Mission Advancement Director Jeff Loberger will be assisting Mr. Nolte in school leadership responsibilities during the year. The FVL Board of Regents is looking to receive a proposal from a special ad hoc committee on FVL’s future leadership structure in August. This would allow any needed recommendations to go to the General Board in September.
  • Enrollment for the year looks to be in the range of 670. More information will be shared on the exact numbers in our September report. This year could mark the largest enrollment ever at FVL!
  • This school year 205 students received vouchers through the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. This is up from 172 in 2018-19. What a blessing for our families to be a part of this program!
  • Repair work has been completed on our vandalized soccer and football fields. We are looking forward to hosting home games on campus this fall!
  • FVL’s 2nd Annual Giving Day is set for Tuesday, Sept. 17. The goal will be to raise needed money for the Let the Children Come mortgage payment due at the end of October. The annual payment amount is $475K and the FVL Federation currently needs to raise another $260K to meet that responsibility. Gifts can be given online, through the mail, or in person. Your gift is needed! Donate online at
  • LED lighting has been installed in the FVL Commons to save energy and provide brighter lighting for this much-used space. New doors have been installed at both main entrances to maintain campus security.
  • Our new faculty members Mrs. Katelynn Dorn (Science), Mr. Matthew Foxen (English), Mr. Seth Jaeger (Phy Ed), and Miss Sarah Emmrich (Guided Studies) will be installed in our opening service on the morning of Wednesday, August 21.
  • Mrs. Krista Davis has been named Interim Director of Operations after the departure of Mrs. Martha Baldwin who has taken a position at Pillars, Inc., an Appleton non-profit that assists the homeless.
  • New Business Office staff members are Mrs. Tammy Fick (Business Manager) and Mrs. Jenny Koch (part-time Business Office Assistant). Mrs. Dawn Stiller is the new Guidance Office Assistant.
  • Enrollment Assistant and FVL Schools Promotions Coordinator Mrs. Rylee Kohls has stepped down and interviews are taking place to replace her position in the FVL Enrollment Office.
  • The fall sports seasons begin soon and coaches are looking forward to strong participation numbers again this fall. Check for game times and locations.
  • FVL Homecoming will take place the week October 7-12. Special alumni events are planned at the football game on Friday, Oct. 11 and on campus the morning of Saturday, Oct. 12.
  • FVL Theatre’s fall play will be the family favorite Cheaper by the Dozen. Public performance dates will be October 17 (7 p.m.); October 19 (4 p.m.); and October 20 (2 p.m.) Watch for ticket info in mid-September.
  • Congregational offerings for operations totaled $103,235 for June and $924,732 for the year. The annual commitment was $983,101.
  • Contributions to Let the Children Come stood at $225K at the end of July. Our October 31 payment is $475K. We need your generous gifts to meet this deadline for the FVL Federation.
  • FVL’s SCRIP program is looking ahead to another strong year of helping parents use purchases of everyday items to help drive down tuition costs. Everyone who makes use of the SCRIP program helps provide tuition assistance to many families. Please consider helping others by using SCRIP. 
Serving Jesus – Principal Alan Nolte

  • SUNDAY      |    Robert & Tony Gunz, Bob Johnson, Doug Koplien, Dan Reese, Bill Drews, Larry Tesch, Wally Thorson
  • SATURDAY |    Verlyn Joch, Jon Joch, Marv Pues

  • September 1     | Gail Ashbeck & Laurie Rhode
  • September 8     | Pam Piechocki & Judy Kuchenbecker
  • September 15   | Steve & Annette Zoromski
  • September 22   | Tim & Rita Braun
  • September 29   | Gary & Jean Reiter

  • September 1     | Mervin, Verna & Carla Dallman by: Family
  • September 8     | Mr. & Mrs. Emil Begalke, Sr. and John & Gert Worm by: John & Joyette Worm
  • September 8     | Norman Mueller by: Carol Mueller
  • September 15   | If you would like to place flowers on the altar please contact the church office 722-6712
  • September 22   | If you would like to place flowers on the altar please contact the church office 722-6712
  • September 29   | Donna Mattek by: Gene Mattek

  • Ruthann Buser & Cheryl Kuehn