Coffee with the King

“Coffee With The King”

Here are some of the topics/books we will be
studying and discussing this year.

  • Is Our Country Going To Pot?  - A Bible perspective on the push to legalize marijuana in our country.
  • The Acts of the Apostles- The first book of the Bible that we will study this year is the book of Acts, the story of the early Christian Church.
  • “ On Your Marx, Get Set, Go?”  - What is Socialism, Communism, Democratic Socialism, Christian Socialism,    and how should you and I, as Christians, view these  societal systems? 
  • “To Quote Luther:  What Does This Mean?”    We’ll take a brief look at the most cherished of all Christian prayers, the Lord’s Prayer, to understand exactly what we are saying when we pray it.
  • Lamentations – What can 21st century Christians learn from a series of Hebrew poems that do basically nothing but lament the destruction of the city of Jerusalem? There is a lot of food for thought in this little book!
  • “Here Comes Da Judge(s)”  - Who were these “judges” as they are called?  Some rather interesting things happened during their time as leaders of Israel…things that lead to a lot of interesting  discussion.

Join us each Thursday at 8:30 am in the church fellowship hall for coffee, goodies, and good discussion.  Grow in your knowledge of the Bible and enjoy the company of fellow members of Trinity.