Instruction in God’s Word is a part of the daily schedule.  4K through 6th grade study Bible history.  7th and 8th graders apply God’s Word to their lives in topical Bible studies and study the Catechism.

Language Arts
The language arts program develops reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills.  Students write to express themselves creatively and to communicate information.  The students develop reading readiness in 4K, develop literacy skills in primary and middle grades, and study literature in the upper grades.  Instruction in English grammar and composition, spelling, and penmanship are included in the curriculum.

Through the mathematics curriculum, students are prepared for high school and life beyond school.  Mastery of facts and concepts are emphasized along with problem-solving skills.  Ability-level grouping and accelerated placement provide instruction tailored to each child’s individual needs. 

Social Studies
God has placed the student into the world to live for Him and to share the plan of salvation with all people of the world.  The social studies curriculum fosters this belief and promotes a Christ-centered worldview.  The primary grade curriculum focuses on the basic relationships of family, neighbors, and communities.  The middle grades study Wisconsin, United States history, and regions of the world.  The upper grades study world geography and United States history.

Science is the study of the universe that God created for us to care for, use, and enjoy.  Through inquiry and hands-on learning, students learn to marvel at God’s creation and be good managers of it.

Physical Education
The human body is a gift from God, each one unique in its abilities for movement, fitness, and recreation.  The physical education curriculum seeks to help each student to build fitness, acquire new skills, and develop God-pleasing attitudes and behaviors. 

Art enables students to become aware of and understand the beauty of God’s creation.  Activities are planned to offer instruction in basic principles and techniques of art and to provide a broad range of outlets for creative self-expression.  Students use a variety of media in projects appropriate to developmental skills.

Music is a gift of God that enriches life and especially contributes to Christian worship.  The curriculum includes singing both sacred and secular music, rhythmic activities, introduction to instrumental music, and music theory.  Classes sing regularly in worship services.

The technology curriculum prepares students for high school and for life.  Students will use a variety of media to access, organize, and present information, and will learn to use technology in a God-pleasing manner.


The Spanish curriculum will provide students with learning opportunities to develop the four basic language skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing.  After completing Spanish study, students will have a strong foundation for future study of the Spanish language.