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Second Quarter Mission Project

For our second quarter mission project, we are partnering with FVL Schools to support the Proclaimers Project. A digital player powered by a built-in solar panel and hand crank, the Proclaimer is preloaded with an audio Bible recording and is available in over 1000 languages and dialects. The Proclaimer’s powerful speaker can fill a room of 300 people. With the Proclaimer, people around the world can hear the Gospel in their native language even where there isn’t a missionary who speaks that language. Demand for these devices is great -- missionaries around the world are asking for them -- but supply is short, and funding has run out.
One Proclaimer costs about $50. Our goal is to partner with other FVL Schools to purchase as many Proclaimers as possible for our missionaries so we can carry out Jesus’ Great Commission to “Go and make disciples” in a 21st Century Way.
Please encourage your child to remember this mission project with their prayers and with their mission offerings. Offerings are collected at chapel each Wednesday

Kwik Trip Milk Moola

TLS earns 5 cents per label or cap for Kwik Trip Nature's Touch products.  Please bring your caps and lablels to school by December 22nd.  There is a collection box in the hallway on the first floor.